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Femininity is often viewed as weakness. We beg to differ. This mini collection is all for empowering femininity through functionality. Approaching empowerment in a more delicate manner by creating what a Väska girl might need, not only want. 

Aesthetically inspired by objects and prints of the ’90 - early y2k, the movie In The Mood For Love by Wong Kar-Wai aesthetics and costume design (a production of the year 2000) all while maintaining Vaska’s color palette and brand identity. Keeping it in neutral colors with a twist of different fabrics and textures. Maintaining the brand’s homage to the past constant element. 

Two designs were created with functionality and sustainability in mind by prioritizing diversity of usage and styling. Getting the most out of your purchase is consumption moderation which feeds into our values. A single purchase will not only last due to impeccable attention to production quality but allows your imagination to wonder. 


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